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1.     Instructional Objectives

2.     Questions to Think About

3.     Chapter Review

4.     Reflection

5.     Enrichment


Let’s Ponder

Think about the questions carefully before you answer.

1.  What would happen if the hare won the race?


2.  What would happen if Malin Kundang‟s mother forgave him?



Generic Structure of Narrative Text (Struktur Teks Narasi)

Ada 4 generic structure of narrative text (struktur teks narasi) yang perlu kamu ketahui jika ingin menyusun atau membuat sebuah teks narasi (narrative text), yaitu:

1. Orientation

Merupakan bagian pembuka dari sebuah cerita teks narasi. Bagian ini mengenalkan tokoh dalam cerita (characters) serta latar terjadinya cerita yang meliputi latar tempat, waktu, suasana, dan keadaan sosial (setting).

 2. Complication

Bagian ini berisi permasalahan yang terjadi di dalam sebuah cerita. Secara lebih detail, complication terbagi lagi menjadi 3 bagian, yaitu:

·        Rising action: Masalah mulai muncul

·        Climax: Puncak permasalahan

·        Falling action: Tensi permasalahan mulai menurun, dan mulai menemukan titik penyelesaian.

 3. Resolution

Bagian ini berisi penyelesaian atau akhir dari sebuah cerita teks narasi. Sebuah cerita bisa ditutup dengan akhir yang menyenangkan (happpy ending), akhir yang menyedihkan (sad ending), atau akhir yang menggantung (cliffhanger).

 4. Re-orientation

Bagian terakhir dari struktur teks narasi (narrative text) ini biasanya berisi kesimpulan, pesan moral (moral value), atau perubahan watak tokoh di akhir cerita. Reorientation ini sifatnya opsional karena tidak harus selalu ada pada suatu teks naratif.


Listen and Confirm

Listen to a story from an audio recording. Put the number for each picture based on the story you listened to.




Listen and Take Notes

Listen to the audio recording about a story. Write some important points like in the picture      below.

Let’s Play

Your teacher will read part of a story. Decide what title and part of the story is read to you.


Read and Answer (Part 1)

Little Red Riding Hood (Traditional Version)

One day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother gave her a basket with some cake inside and told her to walk through the forest to the other side where her grandmother lay sick in bed.

“Remember not to talk to strangers!” Little Red Riding Hoods mother said.

On the way to her grandmother’s house, Little Red Riding Hood met the Big Bad Wolf. “Where are you going little girl?” he asked with his biggest smile.

“To my grandmother‟s house on the other side of the forest,” said Little Red Riding Hood who had forgotten what her mother told her.


The wolf took a shortcut and ran ahead to Grandmother‟s house. When he got there, he went inside and swallowed Grandmother whole!


Then he put on her cap and nightgown and climbed into her bed.

When Little Red Riding Hood got there, she walked right up to the bed. “Grandmother! What big ears you have,” she said.

“All the better to hear you with my dear,” said the wolf. “And what big eyes you have,” she said.

“All the better to see you with my dear,” said the wolf.

“And what big teeth you have,” said Little Red Riding Hood.

“All the better to eat you with!” said the wolf and he jumped out of bed and started chasing Little Red Riding Hood.

A man who was chopping wood in the forest heard Little Red Riding Hood. He came inside and hit the wolf over the head with his axe. The wolf fell to the ground, and Grandmother popped out of his mouth. Then the woodsman, Little Red Riding Hood, and Grandmother all had cake and tea.


1.  Why did Little Red Riding Hood walk through the forest?

2.  What rule did Little Red Riding Hood break when she talked to the wolf?

3.  Why did the wolf ask Little Red Riding Hood where her grandmother lived?

4. What might happen if the woodsman were not there?

Read and Answer (Part 2)

Little Red Riding Hood (A Fractured Fairy Tale)

POV: The Wolf

So I‟m packing up my troubles in an old kit bag in the woods when I hear a twig snap. I turned to see a Little Red Hooded Teen with a picnic basket that said: “Mommy‟s little girl” along with a picture of the girl yawning.

“Hey, Lil Hood, I like that basket.” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever‟, I need to text Granny that you are utterly creeping me out.”

She threw a piece of gum in her mouth and stared into my eyes while chewing. A few seconds later, she pulled out a smartphone and pushed me out of the way. I started to follow her.

“So, what‟s in the basket?” I asked. She backed away from me. I reached into my pocket for the Friendship Coupon I got for my birthday. Instead I pulled out an “I will eat you” coupon used for The Three Thousand Humongous Pigs restaurant, which enables you to get an all- youcaneat dinner. She screamed an earpiercing scream that made me roar and fall to the ground and curl up.


“It‟s an armadillowolf and it‟s going to, like, totally attack me!” She shrieked and ran into the woods. A troop of seven dwarves marched out of the trees. They all turned towards me. “We‟re the Seven Levels of awesomeness,” a red shirted dwarf said in a squeaky voice and then played a high chord on an electric guitar. The dwarf started to explain a boring history story. As soon as his eyes crossed, I stepped over the whole row of dwarves in one step. I continued to look for the Girl.

 “I want to be friends with you!” I yelled.

“You are, like, a liar!!!” She responded from behind an incredibly noticeable tree trunk. “You, like, just gave yourself away!” I replied. She ran out from behind the tree.

“I don‟t have a job! So please don‟t eat me!” she yelled. What a terrible excuse. “Yes you do! You have a delivery job!” I spat back. She groaned.

“Ugh! It's like mom all over again!” “Mom?” She led for the second time.

 As she ran away I saw a label on her basket. It said „To Grandma, 2235 NE Forest Ct.‟ Hmmm …. Maybe …, just maybe, I could be friends with Little Hood there.

 I arrived at the old lady's door when I saw my old friend, Bob wolf, chasing three little pirates in the brig. He had recently chased three little famous pig chefs but that's a whole different… uh… mall game, I think. Anyway, I knocked on the door.

 “Who is it?” a sweet voice of a grandma called.

“The uh, Crayola department?” I answered. Wow, that was lame.

 “Come in,” the grandma said. As soon as I entered, the grandma was so scared she jumped into my mouth. I accidentally swallowed the sweet little woman. BLECH! Was she dis- gusting. At the worst time in possible times that are worse than worst times, Little Hood showed up.

 “Gra-any! I brought your cookies!” she sang. COOKIES!!! I DESPISE cookies. I swallow an old lady to make friends with somebody because I want to know what‟s in a basket, just for cookies! WOW, is my life messed up.

 “Okay, I‟ll take the cookies now my beloved Hooded Girl -- I mean, Granddaughter,” I said in my best old lady voice. I waited at least a minute.

“„Kay Grandma. Now let me hand you the goodies,” she finally said. I reached a paw out.

“Wow, Grammy, what big paws you have,” she said in a slightly frightened tone.

“Aren't you a bit too old to be concerned about what your Granny looks like?” I scolded back with a hint of worry. I heard a bubble pop.

 “No and F-Y-I, I‟m only, like, fourteen.” She sassed. “Wait, humans can't have paws! Hey, you're the creepy armadillo[1]wolf who wrote a note card that said „I will eat you‟!”


I step guiltily out of the door. “You caught me red handed, wait no, you caught me by my hand.” I gazed at my hand. The girl slapped it out of the way. “Enough chit-chat!” She said and then screamed, “DOCTOR!!!” One quote unquote Seven Levels of Awesomeness dwarf with a doctor coat appeared on the top of my head.

 “Pull out my Grandma!” the hooded girl ordered.

“Don't do it!” I said with a creaky voice. The dwarf reached his hand into my throat. He pulled out a frog. “Boy, you have a frog in your throat,” he said. I didn't speak a word.

 “Cat got your tongue?” The dwarf said, and pulled out a cat. “You're just full of surprises aren't you?” Finally, after tons and tons of terrible puns in my mouth, grandma was pulled out. Then we all lived taxfree ever after.


Answer the following questions.

1.  Who told the story?

2.  What made the girl scream an ear piercing scream?

3.  How could the world ind out Grandma‟s place?

4.  What made the girl realize that it was not her grandma who take the goodies?

5.   What is meant by “cat got your tongue? In “Cat got your tongue?” The dwarf said, and pulled       out a cat.”

6.  What would happen if the grandma did not jump into the wolfs mouth?


Talk About it

Sit with those classmates and together rearrange the story into a complete meaningful story.

Discuss the text in terms of its structure, and intrinsic elements such as characters, plot and setting.

1.  Why do you arrange the story like that?

2.  What kind of clues do you ind in each excerpt to help you make the arrangement?


Make a Draft

Choose one short story that you know. You can browse the internet to ind the story. Make your draft of the changes that you want to make to the story. As a start you can make a change only to some of the elements of the story; only the setting, only the characters, or only the ending of the story. As you become more conident you can write a draft that rewrites the whole story. Follow the text organizer below.

Let’s Review

Do the review by putting the checklist.


To reflect on the chapter, please compare what you know to what your classmates know. Fill in the Venn diagram below to know the similar understanding that you get about the chapter.

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