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Activity 9. Students of STKIP muhammadiyah Kalabahi A& B

        Poetry or Poem


A. Definition of Poetry

        a poem is a piece of writing which the word are chosen for their beauty and sound are carefully arranged. often in short lines which rhyme. 

B. Social function of poem

    a. to give pleasure

    b. to entertain 

    c. to give value of life

    d. as a way to express feelings and emostios 

C. Example of Poem

√  Brooms, Dorothy Aldis
On stormy daysWhen the wind is high,Tall trees are broomsSweeping the sky.
They swish their branchesIn buckets of rainAnd swash and sweep itBlue again.
√ More Time, More Love
Our (number of years) anniversary, Love,Brings feelings of delight,Thoughts of pleasure that you give meEvery day and every night.
I’m grateful for each day and hour;I thank the Lord aboveFor giving me the precious gift:Of your deep, enduring love.
As our lives go on and on,One thing is always true:To the very end, I’ll always wishFor more time, more love with you.
By Joanna Fuchs

for your refrence by video :

Oke contoh puisinya itu saja dulu yah.. See you !! 


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